I love our prop selection at Midwest Selfies. When we first started our photo booth company I would look at our prop table and often think, “It’s not enough!”  As we have grown I have invested in our prop selection and it is now closer to where I think it should be.  This took diligent effort and thoughtfulness, and no small amount of money!  Any store that I find myself in I take the time to go through their seasonal department, their accessories department, their party department and where ever else I suspect may bring and unexpected boother treasure.

What I have found in this process is my inner Mad Hatter!

I am buying hats more than anything else!  I am crazy for them.  Just this week I bought 8 new hats for the photo booth. I love them all.  Guests always compliment me on the huge selection of props and gravitate toward the variety of hats on my racks and tables.

What kinds of hats do I have?  Sun hats, ball caps, Viking hats, cheeseheads, Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter hat, fedoras, sparkle bowlers, pirate, rasta hat (complete with dreadlocks), captain hats, military hats, Kentucky derby hats, dinosaur hats, shark hats, sequined hats……the list could go on.




Clearly, I am mad over hats!   This might be a contagious condition….


About the Author

Angela Wolf
Angela Wolf
Angela Wolf is a professional photographer and marketing strategist. She operates Midwest Selfies for special events in the upper midwest and enjoys every opportunity to make sure your event get the attention it deserves.