Midwest Selfies is the perfect guest for any party or special event.

Let’s face it. As the event organizer, you don’t have time to take photos. A photographer roaming around is going to capture people chewing, talking and drinking. That’s probably not how you want to remember your special day.

Enter Midwest Selfies. Your guests will take photos when they are ready. Everyone gets a souvenir of the event as guests can print, text, email or share photos instantly. The event organizer gets a gallery of all images at the end of the event. To make matters even better (because that’s what we’re here to do), you can add a custom border to all the photos to commemorate the event.

Nothing gets your guests talking and mingling and laughing like Midwest Selfies. It’s an instant connector and friend maker. Our friendly attendants know how to get the ball rolling. Add costumes and a custom background for unforgettably fun photos.


The boothless photo booth draws your guests in for fun and frivolity.

Weddings & Anniversaries

Memories last forever with photos you and your guests will cherish.

Conventions, Trade Shows & Corporate Events

Two words: People magnet. Carry on.

Graduations, Dances & Other School Events

Milestone memories that last a lifetime.

Sporting Events

Nothing says “I just ran a marathon” like a photo of you sweating in front of a sign that says, “I just ran a marathon.”

Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs

A great way to mark this important rite of passage.


Commemorate this important milestone in style.

Charity Events

Boost spirits at your event and get exposure for your charity on social media.


Reunited and it feels so good.

Sweet 16

Epic likes from #sweet16 and mega-kudos for the parents.


Whatever your theme, guests will love a photo keepsake.

Baby Showers

Capture every moment of your special day.